Trang Nguyen
Monte Carlo Casino Monte Carlo Casino
Santa Ana
"Trang Nguyen"
I had a great time here even though I don't gamble! The entry fee is 10€ and it is well worth it for the novelty. If you ask for it they will give you an informative brochure about the casino's history etc. You are allowed to take pictures of the casino outside and inside (not in the playing rooms). You are also allowed to use their toilet facilities even if you don't pay the entry fee - a handy tip if you can't find one available in Monaco! The minimum table bets are 25€ and you need to pay extra to get into other rooms. I settled for having the "James Bond" cocktails (16€ each). My friend and I asked the server if we were allowed to take pictures inside and he wasn't sure so he asked his manager. The manager gave the all clear and now I have "prohibited" pictures inside the casino!