miki emerson
Golden Buffalo Casino & Resort Golden Buffalo Casino & Resort
Lower Brule, South Dakota
"miki emerson"
How can anyone give this hotel more than 1 or 2 stars?? Valet guys are all like 60 years old and could not move any slower if they tried. We only had 3 cars in front of us and were sitting there for 30 minutes. There was a concert there which we were there for and they have concerts regularly, so you would think they would have these issues figured out. Check in took about 45 minutes, which sounds like (based on other reviews) it's nothing new for them. You have a reservation and are told they don't have any rooms...because (we were told) they overbook and housekeeping is trying to get the rooms cleaned, and that's what we were waiting for. What??! The guys next to us who had a reservation were told to come back in an hour because of them waiting for rooms to be cleaned. Note to management...no matter what you may think, this is NOT acceptable. Crunchy used towel hanging on back of bathroom door and used shampoo in shower. Poor Poor management at this place across the board. Please replace them!