Negative One
Cafe Arizona Cafe Arizona
Federal Way, Washington
"Negative One"
As a Landry's Select Club member.. I have to say that I have dined in the select few Rainforest establishments that are offered and this is by far the worst location for this food chain. The service is terrible because no one is managing this restaurant properly. The staff looked confused and frustrated on what to do with their seating arrangement while the lines back up out to the mall area while 11 empty "Untouched" tables sat unused and to make things worse they were even over staffed. Made no sense as a businessman. The food was great so no complaints there but the service was subpar. Basically I was forgotten about for a three hour dining experience with no condiments and/or drink refills that are the basics, even at IHOP. It was an experience that should have been short and sweet. Overall, no one is following protocol to keep the "Rainforest" brand what it is known for or the experience it creates for a small child or a 1st time customer. It's unfortunate.. Maybe this location needs to visit the Disney District Rainforest and learn how the experience is supposed to be.

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