Aaron Comminos
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"Aaron Comminos"
the toilet did not work in my room. I paid over $300 a night here and I thought we had clogged the toilet. We had to complain 3 times before someone even came to the room, when someone finally did she did nothing. turns out it is standard operating procedure for the maid to throw chemicals in the toilet to unclog it when she makes up the room. the toilets just don't work and they have no intention of fixing them so plan on using the bathrooms in the lobby and by the pool. i was also blatantly ripped off by the restaurant in the lobby, make sure you get everything that you pay for and you pay for only what you got. also 2 of the elevators did not work the entire time, we had to use the service elevators instead - i suspect this is always the case as well. the pool is beautiful.

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