Stephen Bernhard
Belterra Park Gaming Belterra Park Gaming
Cincinnati, Ohio
"Stephen Bernhard"
I am by no means an expert in casinos. In fact, this was my first time at one. As a casino virgin, I wasn't sure what to expect. That said, here is my opinion of this one. Appearance wise, this place was very impressive looking on the outside. It almost looks out of place at the Kellogg Avenue location it sits on. Inside, it was clean, very big, and thankfully not as loud as I thought it would be. Granted, I did go on a Sunday evening. The interior is huge. Countless gaming machines filled a cavernous room. People of all sorts milled about like bees in a hive. Though it all seemed chaotic, most people seemed single minded in mission: to skip some money into blinking machines with clever names with the hope of making a profit. I actually felt more in place there then I had tonight. The atmosphere was more casual and forgiving than I had thought. Throughout the gaming room, cashout ATMs were available, as were complimentary soda fountains and coffee. Wait staff were available for more custom drink orders. The staff who I did interact with were pleasant. There were some downsides, however. First, I had never used a gaming machine before (for the record, I did not check it the gaming tables such as the poker and blackjack tables), had no clue what was going on. With only the instruction of my girlfriend, I initially started out by wasting a few bucks on penny slots by mindlessly pushing buttons. That kind of sucked, until I figured out what was going on. Without a little bit of help, I found this to be extremely frustrating that there seemed to be no indication as to how the games on the particular machines worked. After all, most aren't just a regular old slot machine. Those were ready to figure out. It's the ones that had 8 columns and convoluted rules that were frustrating. The biggest gripe, however, was the buffet. I have been looking forward to trying a casino buffet for years. Sadly, I was very disappointed. The buffet room was extremely large and looked promising. It wasn't until we got up to the food itself did we note that more than a few offerings just didn't look appealing. Even worse, it seems that temperature control of the food itself was lacking. Hot items, such as the fried oysters and calamari, were cold. The cheese platter by the salad bar was the opposite... instead of being cold, the cheese was warm and crusty, and the salami was sweating grease (which it doesn't do when it's cold). At almost $30 per person, I expected better. As a note, our party of three did receive 2 buffet entries for free by signing up for a rewards program. Would I go back to this casino? Sure.... I left $15 richer, and my girlfriend won a hundred bucks, so no complaints about that. Will I go to the buffet again? Unfortunately, I went mainly for the buffet, so I was pretty disappointed.