Alberta Downs Alberta Downs
Lacombe, Alberta
As a kid who goes there for swimming classes and occasionally stays to freestyle swim in the deep end, its fun, but there are many problems with the facility. Here's my list. 1. While I was swimming I bump into a little girl on a floatie, I say sorry and she yells to the Lifeguard and he tells me to stop, I say "okay" and I move on, later the girl intentionally bumps into me and yells to the Lifeguard. He kicks me out. I respond "why I'm not very sure what I did." He says you bumped into her again, I say she did it intentionally. He doesn't believe me and kicks me out. Please don't listen to the younger children and not the teenagers, I want that guy fired. 2. If people aren't fully inside the hot tub don't count it as a person, if they're dangling they're legs the don't count it. I've been kicked out by the same guy numerous times because he's such an idiot to do that, he says I'm giving you 10 seconds, then counts to 10 so quickly I couldn't even hear him. 3.One of the staff at the front desk asked for me to move back of the line because they said that the lady behind me has more important things to do and I could wait. Here are my pros 1. The pool is normally clean. 2.Classes are fun, but the teachers are jerks most of the time. 3.There are places for you to eat before swimming, but sometimes it's closed so you have to walk to the other building to pick up a burger or popcorn. That's mostly it, I still come often and hope to see better from here. I've been here since 2006 and have had the same mistakes happen again and again, please change these problems. THE SUMMER CAMP. The summer camps are fun, but I only have one problem. Please don't make us sit on the dirty floor eating our food. We have chairs and tables for a reason! also the campfire is fun but sometime you just don't want to picked. And some the kids are very mean, but I know they can't change that. My favourite part was talking to Karen the manager. She was the nicest person in the whole camp.