Logan Brechting
Lucky Turtle Casino Lucky Turtle Casino
Wyandotte, Oklahoma
"Logan Brechting"
DID NOT LEAVE A HAPPY GUEST! As a guest staying at the hotel, within a couple minutes of entering the casino I took a short video on my phone as it was my 1st time at Turtle Creek. Quickly I was approached by a security guard and he then threatened to kick me out because "No Videos or Pictures are allowed in the casino of machines, other guest or workers." Rather then letting me know that it wasn't allowed (because I've never heard of such a rule at other Casino's nor did I see it posted anywhere prohibiting this) he told me if I didn't immediately delete it I would be kicked out. Then I get on the Turtle Creek Facebook page and I see PICTURES of other GUEST in front of SLOT MACHINES that they had won on. The way I was approached and the way the situation was handled left a lasting impression with me the entire time I was there and even afterwards.

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