jereme North
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Surrey, British Columbia
"jereme North"
If you have ever been to Elements then you probably know how I feel. It starts off after about 1 year of gambling I finally got a 25 dollar table match promotion. So I was so excited. When I arrived I walked to the front desk and they told me No, I did not get anything. So I explained that I did in my email. I then asked to speak to the manager. When the manager came she told me No I have to have a picture of it on my phone. I then told her that I have a couple thousand in my pocket to gamble with. She then said to me if I have so much money then why don't I buy a camera phone like everyone else. Then I told her I am not like everyone else can I please talk to your supervisor. She told me she was the boss and told me her position is at the very top... there is nobody else above her. Not just that day because I asked for a name or an email. Then told me to phone bclc if I don't like it. So I did. The very next week I got another email with another match play so I said ok that's nice let's hit up Elements one more time. At the front desk they told me that the picture was not good enough, I could have taken a picture of anyone else's email. I told them what about the serial number at the bottom. So I ended up talking to a Tables manager who they called down and explained my second situation after they told me to show them the picture. He went on the computer and said no I did not get an email. Then said to me if I want special treatment then I have to be a 3 star player...(I play tables). Very rude he cut me off then said we are done with this convo. A 3rd man came down as soon as I grabbed a your opinion counts pamphlet, and he was actually nice. This gentleman brought me to a computer then let me activate my email and seen I did get the promotion. So he then validated the match play and nicely explained to me next time I have to have a photo copy. The 3rd week.... My 3rd match play:) So I obviously photo copied this one. When I arrived they told me that there is no date. I said What calm down... she was nice and asked the same manager (The 1st one) without my presence and said ok only this one time. So I played and luckily won.I decided later on that night maybe to play some more. halfway through the casino I was approached by a security who told me that I cannot be rude at the front desk(which I was not in any way). He said sorry and will not other me again, after hearing my story that I'm explaining online. Now about 1 week later one of the talkative security guards told me that the front desk manager and the same table manager were going to find a way to get me kicked out.... And I said for what... I'm not going to do anything wrong. He said just giving you a heads up. So I phoned bclc again and told them my whole experience with the Elements casino. I got another email today (IF you know what I went through) I finished work March 6th 5pm then went straight to the casino because of another promotion (Free gift/ kitchen ware). When I got there I seen at least 20 other customers asking for the promotion. They were all out. So I asked to talk to the manager since It took time out of my day. My question was if they could compromise me with something else. When for some reason the slot manager with the security approached me and wanted to talk to me they said it was while limited supplies last. I guess I didn't read the fine print. Then to my surprise he said that that was just to get people in. Then he counter struck me by saying they got complaints that I was rough with the front desk and they don't want my services anymore I am banned for 6 months for asking to talk to the manager to get the promotions that they sent me.because I wanted to know "why" they don't want to validate my promotions and asked to speak to the manager a couple times. After the first situation when I phoned bclc The manager had a personal vendetta towards me obviously. If you ever had any complaints I hope you will contact bclc... And help others.