Tiffany Osborne
Occidental Grand Aruba Occidental Grand Aruba
Palm Beach
"Tiffany Osborne"
My husband and I enjoyed our stay at Barcelo. We did notice that the hotel has changed since changing names from Occidental Grande, the bar on the beach was gone and the food choices were not as abundant. We were given two cards for free gifts from the hotel. The woman at the Switzerland jewelry store in the hotel was extremely rude and told us that that they usually don't give away free gifts after 6 pm. We received our free gift. Additionally, the Silverado store in the hotel told us that the free gift was only supposed to be for the month of February and blamed the hotel for giving us a card. We received nothing from that store. I was pleased to see that a lot of the staff were the same people as we saw about 11 months ago. They're always pleasant to us.