Laura Sanchez
Melia Santo Domingo Hotel and Casino Diamante Melia Santo Domingo Hotel and Casino Diamante
Santo Domingo
"Laura Sanchez"
Our stay here has not been at all what we expected. We had stayed here in the past and had a decent stay but currently this hotel is not in good condition. The rooms have been renovated, but it feels as if this was done with minimal attention to detail. For starters, the rooms have motion sensors to sense when guests are not around. This will then turn off power when guests are not present to conserve energy. This sounds wonderful but has some unintended effects due to not thinking through the wiring in the room. The air conditioning is including in this power line. So during the night when guests are still the AC goes off. The rooms get hot. Also the room will not cool during the day either. No matter what time you return the room will be hot. We switched rooms and had similar issues in other rooms. Also, the electrical plugs are included in this. So the phones would not charge over night. Third, as soon as someone enters a room all lights will turn on in recognition of the person returning. Nice during the day! Not so nice when someone steps out to get ice at night and returns 3 minutes later to have all the lights turn on and wake up your kids. There is no option for all the lights not to turn on, which is bothersome at night. The doorman is nice and the hotel is recently renovated. However the staff had minimal concerns over AC issues. Also, though not under direct control of staff I am sure, construction with hammers and drills starts at 8 am. So sleeping in will not be possible. The room service and restaurants were commonly out of food on their menus. The food served was average. It was OK though not what one would expect from a hotel advertised to be so nice. The staff mostly seemed confused and customer service is not up to American standards. After staying here 3 times before I didn't think we will be back. We will find a different hotel for our future trips to visit with family.