Jodi T
Miccosukee Resort & Gaming Center
Miami, Florida
"Jodi T"
If you're looking to visit a casino within the hotel and you're tired of going to the Seminole casinos then Miccosukee provides an alternative. There are a lot of Spanish-speaking people who visit Miccosukee and I don't speak Spanish so for me it's nice every once in awhile to be off the grid. However if you speak Spanish this provides an opportunity to be around others who are linguistically similar. As for the slots themselves they're not very modern and most of them old school. They don't take the tickets a lot of the times and the mechanics don't always work on the machines. But again this does prove different if you're bored of Seminole casinos. The hotel rooms themselves have all been upgraded, so the rooms tend to be nice. However the view from the windows are usually of a roof of other parts of the hotel. To be fair there isn't much to look at out the windows anyway. This isn't a place you come for the beautiful scenery or breathtaking views. The hotel has gotten nicer over the past few years and it's actually being run more professional now. Overall, this place serves a purpose and if you're going there for that purpose it does the job