Marcus Anthony
Charging Horse Casino & Bingo Charging Horse Casino & Bingo
Lame Deer, Montana
"Marcus Anthony" this could've been an easy fix but apparently Perry (manager on duty) just doesn't know how to handle business. I was in Milwaukee for the night (Sunday..3/26) and stayed at the casino (Potawatomi). I arrived early (1:30pm) and my room wasn't ready (still being cleaned). So I hung out around the casino...had some lunch and around 4pm, I tried to check in again to no avail. The room still wasn't clean (I'm hoping this room is steam cleaned at this point), so I continued to pass time in the casino. At 6pm, I finally checked into my room and went to dinner. I'm completely fine with the late check in, the double tip I left the bell hops from all the confusion, etc... All I asked of the manager on duty was a late check out the next day(maybe 1 or 2pm so we could get some rest) but the manager was unwilling to accommodate whatsoever. Our room wasn't even inhabitable until 5pm the day before, but we have to be out by noon the next day so the hotel can continue to make money without interruption. I'll never stay at this hotel again and I'll curse it's name to everyone I know. All I needed was a late check out. How difficult is that, Perry?