Bryan Brown
River Spirit Casino River Spirit Casino
Tulsa, Oklahoma
"Bryan Brown"
I KNOW WHY IT WAS VOTED WOREST LARGE CASINO IN OKLAHOMA. 30% OF SLOT MACHINES DON'T WORK PROPERLY. SLOT PAYOUT AVERAGES IS 30%. BUFFET IS NOT VERY GOOD AND IS VERY EXPENSIVE. IF YOU DON'T SMOKE BRING OXYGEN AND GOGGLES. CASINO SEEMS NASTY. On average I put $20.00 in dollar machine betting $1.00 I get 24 spins. That's 20% payback. Hotel will be paid for quickly at that rate. All area casinos will give me more spins per dollar then River Sprite. Most of good reviews are from long time ago or from concert goers or non gamblers. $100.00 in each machine! Penny machines paid 31% 50 cent machines paid 23% 1.00 machines paid 20% 2.00 machines paid 10% 5.00 machines paid 27% If I play in Tulsa area it will be Hard Rock or Osage from now on. If your not local go to Oklahoma City, Miami or Durant area to enjoy your gambling. Twice the payback for me then Tulsa area.