C Whitehead
Boomtown Casino New Orleans Boomtown Casino New Orleans
Harvey, Louisiana
"C Whitehead"
I agree with everyone who has said that the food is horrible, and smoke from patrons unbearable. For example, I was at progressive double gold section, I was sitting on the third seat (end seat), when a woman sat in the left seat and a man in the second/middle seat. He took his "vape" and blew it dead into my face. I took my hand, and waved the smoke away, when he yells to me "IT'S NOT SMOKE!" so I calmly in a low voice looked at him and said "I did not say a F*cking thing to you". he got up, and switched chairs with the lady on the left. turns out she was his wife! If he would have blew it into her face, maybe the whole thing would not have happened. time and time again, my visit is ruined by smokers. My friend who does smoke can't even visit the casino without people asking her for a cigarette. on another occasion, a woman asked if I smoke, and I replied "no, but from where I am sitting I think your cigarette smoke is going to go away from me anyway". she replied "i wasn't worried about that, I was going to ask you if you had a light!" Most of these smokers are extremely rude. they leave a dirty mess all over the machines. they truly do not care if it bothers you, and this is just the tip of the ice berg. I agree, drink servers do not come around enough. Promotions cuts your free slot play to practically nothing, and if you desire to be an owner, you may get game tickets twice a year if you are lucky, because it seems they want to comp good stuff to LaBerge customers. Its never a good thing to advertise that an owner or elite membership jumps you to the head of any line. you only have one cashier cage open on the first floor 90 percent of the time, and hardly ever have the owner/elite line open at the buffet. when I thought I could jump the line at the buffet, every person at that buffet embarrassed me by telling me to go to the back of the line. All of these complaints have been voiced before; nothing is ever improved fast enough. The good points is that Pier 4 staff are the best, and so is the person who works at the check in desk at the hotel. but food casino wide is not worth paying for. There was a time your slots seemed to be more enjoyable, but these days I can play for hours and rarely hear an alarm go off, unless someone is betting 9 lines @ $45 per pull. in which case I would hope they win something!