Tim Anonymous
Twin River Casino Twin River Casino
Lincoln, Rhode Island
"Tim Anonymous"
Do not use their ATM machines! I'm not talking about the $5 fee they charge. They literally stole $100 + $5 dollar use fee from me. I've been to this casino often and they got all new ATMs a couple of months ago. I went to take $100 out and the ATM screen said "Thank you, please take your cash and receipt." The door never opened and no cash came out. I got someone who got a cage manager. He came over and simply said "Oh, you must be over-drafted." I wasn't and had plenty of cash to cover it. I reported it to my bank. The bank credited me the money while Twin River did their own investigation and found that their machine did give me money. UNBELIEVABLE! I spoke to another man who said the same thing happened to him. I don't use a player's card there or they'd know that I've spent a lot there. I will never go there again. I called the local police near the casino and they said I had to come down there to file a report and couldn't do it over the phone. Twin River knows that I didn't receive my cash. I wonder how many other people this has happened to. I just got off the phone with my bank and the police department and I'm fuming mad. That casino will not get another penny out of me. I'm embarrassed to say but over 4 years they've probably made around $80,000 off of me. So for $100 + $5 ATM fee + $3 fee from my bank, they've just lost a customer for life.