Kelly Queeney
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"Kelly Queeney"
BED BUGS***BED BUGS***BED BUG So it's Day 2 and literally the worst vacation of my life. We arrived yesterday and after 12 hours of travel and no meals, we arrive in a room with bed bugs. Then I have to argue with Alexandria, the Manager explaining we were NOT sleeping in this room. Finally after much back and forth, I took our luggage and told her we were going to the lobby. She only then finally explained she had a different room for us. Then, we had to drag our luggage up 2 floors... after traveling 12 hours with no meals. No apology, just ignorance from the manager. After we ate, we went to the lobby to get room keys and speak to a different manager, Maximo. He offers us Rock Rotalty star bands. We felt special. We shouldn't have. This gives you nothing. We got back to our room today and the beds had been made, but the fridge was not re-stocked with water or beer, no extra towels, and the tables were not cleaned. We had to call again to get our fridge stocked and towels. My daughters came back early and found pop and beer on the counter instead of in the fridge. They wanted to make Mom happy and tried to load the fridge. Unfortunately they dropped a beer and it shattered everywhere. Then they both cut themselves trying to clean it up. We called for medical and they said they had to charge us. Whatever. Thankfully, they didn't charge. Now the Manager Maximo offers us $1,000 resort credit. Suck it. I just want to get out of here. A little over 24 hours and every time we have a positive experience there's a complete negative one to combat. They keep telling us how sorry they are, but offer us nothing... or tell us it will be better, but it's not. AVOID this Hard Rock. This is not Rock Star service whatsoever. If you have stayed at other Hard Rock resorts, don't expect the same service here in Punta Cana. It's just not available.