Johngabriel Gutierrez
Creek Nation Casino Checotah Creek Nation Casino Checotah
Checotah, Oklahoma
"Johngabriel Gutierrez"
This place is crap. They're system is down so it's cashier time on all cash outs ... All cash outs are hand written... They're s only one cashier, and he's not exactly on his game. Crazy wait time. There's no excuse for just one cashier. Totally rediculous. And that's without mentioning the first machine I placed cash in ... On top of a down system my machine was also down. I had about four attendants eyeball the day out of me before finally one came up. I must've waited on my machine anywhere between 20 - 25 minutes. I'm all about credit where it's due. I'll find something I like even when I don't like it just to be positive and fair... So don't think I'm just thrashing this place... Trust.... Maybe I'll come back ... Probably not, but right now , this place is just horrible. Not satisfied at all. Okay ...the attendants were at least friendly once they FINALLY GOT ON TASK!!! BUT WOW!!! REALLY ?! LOOK IM SO DISSATISFIED IVE GONE ALL CAPS LOCKS!! haven't done that since ... I've never done that ... Anyway... If your thinking about coming here tonight ... DONT!!