Shannon Schwenke
Cherokee Nation Outpost Tobacco Shop
Catoosa, Oklahoma
"Shannon Schwenke"
I'm going to say something crazy...I was very disappointed. From the difficulty in finding the correct tower/parking/elevator/room to the lovely view of the pool construction from our room, all I can say is lackluster. I wanted to love my first stay at The Hard Rock! Sadly, I left broke and frustrated. The room was very nice, minus the bad view. I imagine people coming just for the casino wouldn't encounter the same frustrations as I did, admittedly. My biggest complaint? If you're a non smoker, don't worry. There aren't any smoking rooms. But since there are open hallways and staircases from the casino floor to the rooms, the smell of smoke hangs everywhere. Seems pointless. A beautiful nighttime view from our room would have remedied all for me. Instead......