Laura Stanley
Rising Star Casino Resort
Rising Sun, Indiana
"Laura Stanley"
The Rising Star casino hotel (The Lodge) is nice and clean. I had a problem this time because I reserved a King bed but was told that there was none available because my reservation was just a request. They did have a room with two queen sized beds but that wasn't what I reserved. If it was just a request then I should have been told at the time of making my reservation not when I checked in. I also got a room on the first floor and it has drapes on the window with light white curtains in the middle. The problem with this is the drapes do not close all the way and if you get close to the curtain you can see everything on the outside so I know if someone would look in the window they could see in. Plus when the sun comes up it shines straight in. As I said their standard room is very nice and clean but it has a problem with privacy because of the window coverings