Shahin Bazeli
Resorts World Casino New York City Resorts World Casino New York City
Jamaica, New York
"Shahin Bazeli"
I LOVE THIS CASINO!!! I don't understand what all the negativity is about, unfortunately peoples negative attitudes in life aren't the problem of the Casino. I went here and earned myself a couple hundred bucks in a couple hours and had fun with all the staff and the restaurants and the great atmosphere. The automated games really make it fun because it speeds up earning the money and helps you enjoy the games while chatting with nearby people. I really respect this casino and hope they keep expanding their games to include a Tables Section as well, it'd be nice to get a Baccarat and Roulette table because despite it taking a bit of space it really does add to the REAL FEEL. Love you guys, always know NY doesn't waste time though, get in quick, get out quick, the NY State of Mind.