Steven Mariscal
Tortoise Rock Casino Tortoise Rock Casino
Twentynine Palms, California
"Steven Mariscal"
This place is really a 2 star place but i had to give it 3! Read on to find out why. Why is it only 2 star ? Well the place is really small compared to other places i have been to. The table games have always seem to be closed every time i have gone! So why did i still give it a 3 star ? Well For one in many casinos they offer free drinks to gamblers but you have to wait for the drink lady to come by. And often she can take for ever! Plus without feeling bad i have to tip her and $1 dollar for a small drink of soda seems like a lot! No so free anymore! But here it is self serve! i really like that because it truly is free! big plus for me here since i do not drink alcohol. Next is well the place is new! So that it has going for it. And finally they have tesla chargers! i can charge my tesla well i have a quick bite with free soda or play a couple games!