James Stahl
Silver Dollar Casino - Mill Creek Silver Dollar Casino - Mill Creek
Bothell, Washington
"James Stahl"
This place is rigged the staff are rude Iv gone here seven times total , I have gone here seven times total, Play $40 each time and never won a single hand . That's seven times! And nobody at any of the tables were winning! I figured after seven visits and losing $40 each time I would have enough points to order some food. The lady who replied to me said no in a very stern voice and said you don't have enough points and then dismissed me. They also I.d me five times I don't really have an issue with normaly but with how rude The staff are it's worth mentioning. This place is not fun and I guarantee you , you will not win! The decks are stacked and the whole place is rigged! Will never return and will never suggest this place to anyone. I believe I'll be making a call to the gaming commission .