Julio Aguilar
Fiesta Casino - Hotel El Presidente Fiesta Casino - Hotel El Presidente
San Jose
"Julio Aguilar"
Fiesta Henderson is a great local casino as it has plenty of amenities for entertainment and food. Fiesta has 4 restaurants, one being a buffet. And It also has a large food court with half a dozen fast food restaurants that range from Starbucks to pizza. Over the years I have never had a problem with staff at the Fiesta and have found them all to be pretty friendly. The entire casino is very clean and doesn't have a very strong cigarette smell like most local casinos do. They recently (maybe about 3-5 years ago) updated their movie theater to have digital output and it shows as their display is clear. In my opinion prices are a little high, but they do have a discount day on Tuesdays. This is a great location for a family day as well as date night for couples. I love coming here!