Bella Mia
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"Bella Mia"
part 2 in the evening we started to feel hot. we couldnt open a window fully because of safety reasons again i think . so we turned on the air conditioner and went to bed. the next morning when the room got even hotter i went straight to the reception. the same german couple we met at our check-in who were complaining about the missing internet told us about the heating problem i was going to complain about. they told us that they couldnt sleep and the hotel couldnt manage to turn of the heating because of the winter season? the same reason why the air conditioner wasnt working. after our complaint we got moved to the other end of the floor which was way cooler than before. also we got offered free water with ice which we received one hour later. at this point you can really say that they tried everything they could to compensate every discomfort. the same evening we left the hotel to get really drunk at a bar in prague. after my research about taxis i decided to play safe and take the hotel taxi service which usally costs a little more. in prague i would say it depends on your gambling luck which one ends up to be cheaper. nice sideeffect - the driver looks more classy in his suit ;): we returned very drunk and just wanted to lie in our hard earned king sized bett and watch netflix until we fall asleep (internet worked now!). but there was one problem. we couldnt get into our room. i know what you think. its your third room. third different room number you have to remember and you are wasted. maybe you got the room wrong right? false. with no patience anymore and a little bit funny we went to the front desk and waited to be heard. in this condition we had to wait 15 minutes because of one business man who had troubles with his check in. after all our experiences we couldnt resist to whisper him in a creepy voice: ,,dont check in...'' after that i think its unterstandable that we got our roomcards back fixed with no explanation or apology. the check out the next day was with no other incidents and the bill was correct. p.s parking costs 25 euro per day. enjoy your stay