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Nov 25 '16 at 18:30


I haven't really spent much time in casinos, so I wasn't sure what to expect walking in here the other night; however, I was really pleasantly surprised! My partner is more experienced with gambling than I, so I followed his lead into the min. $25 bet Black Jack tables to watch a few rounds go by. The dealers were incredibly nice and easy going. I had expected a much more tense environment, but it was relaxed, making for a fun experience. When our table slowed down a bit, I jumped in to make some bets myself (with some help from my partner;) ). I have no experience playing black jack, or gambling really, and the dealers were incredibly kind and patient with me. Additionally, we were offered complimentary drinks! Unfortunately, the selection of beers was lacking. I would have liked to see a greater local craft selection of beers (beyond Keith's). Overall, I had a really great experience here and will definitely be back again. Though not too soon- not the kind of place I want to spend too much time at. :)