Niall Tamayo
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"Niall Tamayo"
Wow! This was recommended by a friend that lived in Toronto for a while. Dined here with a colleague from Paris that said the decor and food was very reminiscent of Paris! Place is always packed so call ahead for reservations. You'd be spending about 30$+ per person I'd say that the food was amazing!! I had the hanger steak with shallot butter and fries...I have nothing to compare it to other than steaks... but my god it's well cooked obviously eat it medium. Not a lot of places carry this type of meat. Also I had the pistachio crime brûlée! I've had so many creme brulees in Paris and this one beats them all! My goodness the creamy texture was just amazing! Every teaspoon was something to savour. If you wanna impress your guests bring them here!