Lauren Aichs
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"Lauren Aichs"
I come here pretty frequently and enjoy the dining spots and the comped rooms are always really nice. Machines are always different, so it is a fun place to gamble. What really turns me off is when I come sometimes and one particular door guy is short and rude. I understand that he is doing his job but he is really unpleasant. Tonight he stopped me and asked me for my birthday, which I had no problem providing. When it came to my boyfriend, he asked him his birthday three separate times ( his birthday is Christmas day, I don't know if this was the reason why or not?) And then proceeded to ask him if he had been drinking, which I know he hadn't because he had just gotten off work. I don't understand the third degree and it is just uncomfortable to be honest. It's strange because this is the only door man with whom we ever have this exchange. I feel like from now on we should just turn around when we see him standing there, rather than be grilled while other people pass right through.