Troy Brown
Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Aruba Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Aruba
"Troy Brown"
Parking is still a nightmare. They started charging $10 to park and then decided to go back to free. It is crazy with all the parking garages that you can't find parking. Everything is geared to the elite gamblers and I mean everything. The buffet used to be worth the 2 or 3 hour wait and that is no exaggeration on the weekends. The food quality has really declined to the point that it compares with the Golden Corral. The staff working the buffet are the worst. The host that walk you to the table are rude and they stand around doing a lot of talking. Again Elite gamblers will get seated before everyone else. On our last trip (and I mean our last) we counted 5 elite groups were sat for every one regular group. This makes the waiting line huge and we sat in line for 2 1/2 hours. We have been going to Hard Rock to eat and drop a few dollars in the slots every weekend for the last 5 years. I guess that isn't enough for them. I will not return, it isn't worth the 24 mile drive. There are much better places in St Pete. It is also sad to see all the senior citizens spending their social security and disability checks at this place. Then to complain about their income. Really?