Johnny keroscene
Harrah's Phoenix Ak-Chin Casino Resort Harrah's Phoenix Ak-Chin Casino Resort
Maricopa, Arizona
"Johnny keroscene"
I wish I could give this place a crippling 0 stars. From the outside, it's very nice, and clean, but hardly anything near it other than farmland,and an awesome cow stank if the winds come from the south. That's not even close to my main problem with this place! The slots definitely do NOT pay out, even if you play high. Don't even bother risking it honestly, I'd lose 20.00 in under 5 minutes just playing penny slots on low bets,even while playing as slowly as I could :|. But the part that pissed me off THE most aside from there being nothing else to do aside from casino, or staring at your hotel's roof in your room, was that I had lost a black vest in the room we had stayed in. It's not the fact that they didn't reimburse me, I didn't expect that, being it's part of their contract as well, but it was that they had called the person I had shared the room with to LET THEM KNOW THEY FOUND MY VEST. "Yes we have found your vest and we will send it in next day delivery." since I didn't live too far for next day shipping, but too far to drive and grab it on my own. I never received my vest back. It has been 4 months since then. It's (still) very upsetting being it was a expensive vest from a dear friend in the Navy. It had started as my fault, but ended up being theirs. My next problem was also pretty big. I'm pretty young still and expect to get carded every once in awhile. Well.. that "once in a while" turned into 7 times in 2 hours. The DUMBEST part, was even after someone finally gave me a green "ID CHECKED" wrist band, I STILL GOT STOPPED AGAIN TO GET ID-D EVEN WITH THE GODDAMN WRISTBAND. The Excuse?? "It's on the wrong wrist." I didn't even bother with it if It the stupid thing wasn't going to help me out in anyway. Who ever that guy was that decided to ID me even with the wrist band, must have been power tripping because "of my attitude" from being so annoyed on getting ID-d My favorite part? MY MOM WAS STANDING NEXT TO ME. She had been with me that whole two hours. I can understand to the extent that when she wasn't with me, I'd be ID checked. But that last two hours, we were just chilling together just walking around since, well, the slots don't pay out. So Overall: Customer Service: They were really nice and friendly Casino: DON'T EVEN BOTHER. PERIOD Hotel: Was really nice I thought, and really clean. Also the bathroom was neat. overall: I'm never going back. Ever. If anyone I know considers going, I'm going to tell them to not even bother. ...But then again, the food was really delicious and well priced...if that's all you're after.