Katey Viera
Matum Hotel & Casino Diamante
"Katey Viera"
I would not recommend staying at this hotel. We were arriving from our flights excited for vacation only to find they gave two of our rooms away after we had reservations from several months before hand and brought out confirmation receipts ... they continued to tell us they didn't have any rooms available for us- (had 1- but told us we weren't allowed to stay in there because there were too many of us) as we watched other locals arrive and end up with a room with no problem. They continued to tell us we could not sit in the lobby as we were looking for somewhere else to go, by this time it was the middle of the night..... lots of tears and lots of confusion- horrible experience. The one room they allowed us to look at (even though we apparently weren't allowed to stay in it)- was dirty, run down, bugs on the floor and the disco was INSANELY loud. Not one to complain, but don't want someone to experience what we went through.