nabil al rustamani
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"nabil al rustamani"
Stayed for 4 nights here and it's over rated. The welcoming was normal. No introduction on the hotel area relevant to the rest of the Atlantis hotel around it. Usually they should provide a map and facilities about the hotel, but it became a guess after we have checked in. They will hold an amount on your credit card, which then we discovered by the bank calling us warning us from the transaction. Even on check out, the amount they have hold will not be deducted from the balance. In fact they will keep that holding money and make another transaction to pay your balance. So basically your credit card will be over charged and doubled in tax. This was not said or even earned by the staff there. The service was slow in some how in the hotel. Even requesting amenities for the room which we never had. Ended up going down to a small grocery of the hotel buying it. In my stay, only had once the room being refreshed back with water and coffee. So visiting that small grocery will be a daily for you to think about. The rooms were nice though and had a small kitchen to help. The park is nice and beach facilities were good. Some restaurants are closed on the weekends, so ask before going and make them call. Even though we asked, we ended up in two we closed. But overall is a good experience but won't visit them again