Tamara Nichols
Sugar Creek Casino Sugar Creek Casino
Hinton, Oklahoma
"Tamara Nichols"
DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME AND MONEY ?? I am going to start with the positives: $5 a night for 30/50 amp electric hookups for RV’ERS. Now for the lowlights of this casino: No systems in place to provide consumers with a seamless, positive experience. At sometime after 10pm security knocked on our door and forced hubby out of bed to get their precious $5 per night parking fee (For those confused as to why this is an issue, we have been RVing full-time for almost 2 years & haven't encountered this behavior at even the most exclusive resorts.) They advertise on the billboard that CDL drivers get a special offer. The billboard didn't say only a certain class of CDL. I hold a CDL but because it was a bus driver CDL their offer for me was to play 2 times the amount my husband had to play before free play. So, that sucked. The buffet should be avoided at all costs. We entered the restaurant. No greetings, despite only two tables of people, one of which was 3 buffet employees that sat together, ignoring our presence. The food on the buffet was minimally touched, as if it had been on the steam table since they opened. We might have sat down to a meal but it was very clear that the employees didn't want our business. Throughout Sugar Creek's facility it was abundantly clear that no one cared to make our visit a fun and playful one. There were clusters of employees scattered in pockets leaning on counters & enjoying the gossip of the day. A ticket was stuck in hubby's machine. The security guard audibly sighed when I walked over to her to request a game tech. After waiting for said tech, she never said a word to us. When she gave us the ticket, she still said nothing. I said "Thank you have a great evening!" She responded "You, too!" without even looking in my direction. Are you kidding me? The whole time hubby and I were gobsmacked as to the lack of even just common customer service standards. WE WILL NOT RETURN SUGAR CREEK CASINO DOES NOT NEED THE BUSINESS ACCORDING TO OUR EXPERIENCE My husband and I have renamed it the IDGAF CASINO YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED ??