Tim Polson
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"Tim Polson"
****ROBBED**** This happened last night shortly after midnight. I returned to my room around a quarter til eleven after playing blackjack for a few hours. It was an early night as we we're getting up early today (Easter Sunday morning) to make the quick road trip home. Although I had been in the casino for a few hours, I had nothing to drink Saturday evening. I had about $500 in cash on me. I left my money clip on the table in the living room (we had a suite) near my phone which was charging and my son's phone. When I woke up at 630am, all of my cash was gone. Everything else including phones, laptops, cards IDs, etc were left untouched. My wife said she thought she heard someone come in around midnight. This person shined a phone flashlight around the suite and was gone within a minute. I did not hear or see anything. She thought she was dreaming and went back to sleep. I reported the robbery to Mandalay Bay security and they took statements from both of us. The resolution will take 7 to 10 business days. I do not expect to recover any money. Besides being disturbed by the actual robbery, it seems to me that the only suspect could be Mandalay Staff. As Security explained to me when my statement was taken, they (Security) have the only master keys in the house. If the door was ajar for more than 3 to 5 minutes, they would have been alerted through a system called Hot Sauce prompting a response. This alarm is audible so I would have heard it as well since I was up for an hour after I returned. There are no cameras in the hotel hallways as it is an invasion of privacy according to Security. Take my advice and avoid staying at Mandalay Bay. If you must, deadbolt your door, put your valuables in the safe, or stuff the cash under your mattress. My experience seems like an inside job since there is no other explanation on how my suite could have been breached. Hopefully the investigation will yield the culprit and/or Mandalay Bay will make this situation right