Sarah Thomas
Silver Slipper Casino Silver Slipper Casino
Bay Saint Louis, Mississippi
"Sarah Thomas"
Easy to drive too and free parking. I'm not a big fan of gambling but it can be fun to play the penny slots. I detest the cigarette smoke everywhere. Bathrooms were well attended to. We went for the Silver Slipper Buffet "voted best on the coast". It was above average compared to other buffets. No charge for drinks. Server was attentive and kind. Cleanliness was okay, although lots of things were sticky. Smelled strongly of seafood, but of course people come for the boiled crab and shrimp. I liked the snow crab but not other types of crab. I usually love boiled shrimp but didn't care for their royal red shrimp (boiled in garlic sauce). Mushy texture.. I witnessed odd interactions between a manager and server: it appeared a customer had complained about the cold royal red shrimp (on salad bar) because they repeatedly smelled them. Not sure... Best thing was the seafood bisque (can't recall specific name). I wasn't impressed with the Southern food options, but I live in New Orleans so I could be biased. I love sweets, but Silver Slipper desserts left much to be desired. Fresh funnel cake bar was the best. Ultimately, I won't return but it was an overall okay experience.