John Baty
Grand Sierra Resort and Casino Grand Sierra Resort and Casino
Reno, Nevada
"John Baty"
Checking-in on a Wednesday afternoon, I was hoping, especially after a long drive to get here, that it wouldn't have taken so long. Our room is bigger than I was expecting, so much so that there's actually a lot of wasted space, like there should be a couch or some other piece of furniture in here. The Rim restaurant was good. They had a tasty ginger margarita. I think we must be next to a maintenance/equipment room, because every so often, including in the middle of the night, there's some sort of whirring noise. Not enough to wake the kids up, but could be annoying for light sleepers like me. Staying a couple more nights, so might edit this post if anything notable, good or bad, happens the rest of our stay.

Vegas Helicopters
Vegas Helicopters