Boomtown Casino & Hotel Reno Boomtown Casino & Hotel Reno
Verdi, Nevada
Our stay at the hotel was fine; however, don't eat at the Mel's Diner there. My daughter and I went up to Nevada because her father was dying. We had two free nights at Boomtown and we utilized them for this purpose. During & after his death we stayed at the Boomtown hotel several more nights. My daughter was already upset because of his death, but someone at Mel's diner took $642 from her ATM Visa card when it was used to pay for breakfast. We don't know if it was a mistake or if someone was a thief. It took a few days to get that money refunded to her bank account, but the manager helped her get the money back. She even got charged an overdraft fee because she did not have that much in her bank account. So beware when you eat at Mel's diner there. Other than that, we liked the hotel.