Denis Koci
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"Denis Koci"
If you think it's ok for a Roulette machine to perfectly bounce on the opposite side of a large bet every time,(15x in a row) then on the 16th spin land on 31 on the wheel but instead have it say 9 on the digital board - then I got a bridge to sell you. Caught their Roulette machine quote unquote 'malfunctioning' in a quote unquote 'error'. Got surrounded by managment then surrounded by security. Played it cool left and called the cops to file a police report on the machine so the gaming commission can follow up. In any legitimate casino in Vegas, if a machine malfunctions you turn it off and get it tested, not at the Grand Lisboa!! Even when you show up with a police officer! They bring the 'gaming commissioner' down who literally tells you he doesn't want to hear your story as you begin to tell it haha that was the cherry on top, then he proceeds tells you it's all good, followed by managment offering you a voucher for a meal when you just spent a couple thousand and got surrounded by security after the proof was in the pudding. Imagine being in a court room and your in a lie detector test then the machine malfunctions & the guy doing the testing says 'Oh don't worry we'll just restart it' Haha, Grand Lisboa god what was I thinking.