S Slaby
Owl Club and Steak House
Eureka, Nevada
"S Slaby"
A friend organized a dinner for 8 at Saltlik while we were on holidays in Banff. Nice atmosphere and the menu looked great. I ordered a steak and asked the waiter if the descriptions on how they cook a rare steak was accurate. He confirmed so I ordered a rare steak (Menu says: Rare: deep red throughout). When my steak arrived it didn't look quite right, and once I cut into it to I discovered it was well done (zero color and tough). I asked the server if he made a mistake and gave me someone else's steak and he said no, but took the steak back to show the chef. The waiter came back and said the chef is cooking a rare steak for me. The steak shows up and the waiter disappeared before I could even cut into it to verify. I cut into it and it was all pink which is not quite medium-rare by their description (Med-rare: pink edge, deep red cent). Everyone else had already finished their meals by this time so I decided to give up on trying to get a rare steak and finish my meal. Not even two minutes later, the waiter shows up in a panic with a third steak, telling me that he gave me the wrong steak. Before letting him take away the 2nd steak I asked him to wait and I cut into it and surprise, surprise I finally received a rare steak. It's a steak house and it took them THREE tries to get a steak cooked right! If you want a good steak cooked right the first time, go somewhere else. I would never go back. Visited February 2017