Stephen Kline
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"Stephen Kline"
Wine lovers – beware of B 21. I purchased a couple of Chardonnays for a dinner party, one Frei Bros. and one 2013 MacMurray Russian River. I poured four glasses of the MacMurray and our first sip made it clear it was over the hill (funky and dark yellow with a heavy raisin nose). We rinsed out our glasses and moved on to the Frei Bros., which was excellent. I just stopped by the store to return the rest of the bad wine and was told it was their store policy not to replace the wine because the bottle wasn't full. I explained I had poured four glasses for the guests and corked up the remaining wine, which I showed the clerk along with my receipt. "That's the store policy and I'm just an hourly worker" the employee said rudely, throwing up his hands and walking away. I went to the cashier and was told the same story (less rudely), with the additional comment that wine distributors would not take back wine unless it was mostly full (it's my understanding this is not the policy of the vast majority of wine distributors). I have been buying wine from a number of wine stores in the area and have never had a problem returning the occasional off-bottle. I will be e-mailing this information to my expansive list of wine drinking friends. IN RESPONSE: First, there was the typical "5th" glass left in the bottle. Second, surely, in your surveillance, you noticed how incredibly rude your representative was...yet no apology from you. Third, instead of lecturing me, you might want to check out your remaining stock of the MacMurray. Finally, I AM/was your customer for the past 25 years.