Jesse Gordon
Melbourne Greyhound Park Melbourne Greyhound Park
Melbourne, Florida
"Jesse Gordon"
Appalled. Never have I seen a dealer make a mistake and they make the customer pay for it. One side of table strattled. Dealer called the strattle but to the side of the table who did it. We didn't hear her on our side. Guy next to me calls the blind then she tells him about the strattle. He takes his blind and lays his hand down. Dealer takes his hand then tells him he has to leave the blind in play after taking his hand. Should have told him before so he had the option to call knowing he would lose his blind if he didn't. Contested with the floor manger and they sided with the dealer not the customer. They also charge for their drinks which hurts the employees. If they were free the waitress would have made at least $20 in tips from me. Instead she got a .50 cent tip on my $2.50 !!! cup of soda. Cheapskates. Also the dealer kept talking about the rules but we weren't contesting the rules we were contesting how she handled the situation. She messed up but couldn't admit it. Fire her please.