No One
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Halifax, Nova Scotia
"No One"
The Casino was putting on a Prime Rib and Lobster Buffet that evening for 29.99. That evening my Mother and I arrived early around 1830 when we noticed a very long line up so we stood in line for about 20 minutes when the majority of the people in front of us got to go inside and eat. At this point we were given a squire device that flashes when a table becomes available the employee said it should be around one and a half hours until a seat become available. Now it was around 1930 when we looked around for a place to sit while waiting for the Buffet to accept more people inside. My elderly mothers feet where sore went their wasn't a place to sit other than at the VLT's so we stood by some doors near the Buffet when we were told to move by Casino staff. Now it was 2130 when we walked over and talked with the same employee who gave us the Flashing device I said we where here for three hours waiting to be served!! The employee then looked at some papers and flipped to the third page and said sorry its going to be at least two more hours?? I was very upset more so because my Mother had to stand on her feet the whole time we were waiting to be served! We gave the women back the flashing devices and she said Ho I am sorry?? We turned and walked away I apologised to my mother for a disgusting night out at the Halifax Casino and told her I would buy her dinner the next night. We drove home looking for a place to eat but nothing was open at this point. I would like to thank the Halifax Casino for a disgusting night of standing on our feet for three hours, specially my 70 year old mother!! I will never ever return to the Halifax Casino!!! This could all have been avoided if the Casino didnt over sell the Buffet tickets. I remember the Buffet employee saying if we wanted a seat we should have arrived around 3pm! Unreal!!!