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La Uruca
Have stayed here since 2012 for extended periods while my husband worked in the area and at that time would've given them 5 stars. We travelled here for work again recently (2017) and so far have been here for a little over a week. The first few days were alright except for not being able to enjoy the small BBQ area outside because day after day it's littered with garbage and beer cans. One day, even though I have the do not disturb sign on the door, in the span of an hour, I get not 1 or 2, but 3 knocks at the door asking if I want service. The last person asks and then asks how long we're staying because it shows that we are checking out that day. I informed her that we were not and I would take care of it. I explained that my husband's company pays for the room and that I would get it straightened out right away. I had no sooner picked up my phone when the front desk calls asking the same questions. I told her the same thing I told the other lady but that I needed a few minutes. She said, "no problem, you don't have to check out until tomorrow." But if you don't pay, you're on your own." Huh... Ok, not the most professional way to respond but whatever. I actually didn't know what else she said because not only could I not understand her, she talked faster than an auctioneer. So it gets taken care of and that evening we go to get new keys because ours had been deactivated. They take our keys and refuse to give them back until we use a card for incidentals. They say we were in fact supposed to check out (even though the same woman said we didn't until the next day) and even though we are paid for another week we will not be given keys until this is done. She also says that if we want to go ahead and check out that we can do so with an escort to our room. An escort? Really? At that point I knew I was done and that despite the atmosphere that this plays tries to portray, it's hands down the most ghetto hotel I've ever stayed in. I have NEVER been treated so badly or had our belongings held hostage, and all that even though the room had been paid for. We have always enjoyed our stays here, felt very welcome , comfortable and knew most of the staff on a first name basis. I don't know what has happened to this place or why we were treated that way, all I do know is that we won't be staying here again...ever, paid for by the company or not. I gave it 2 stars instead of 1 because the bed was comfortable and housekeeping did a great job.