Courtney Barton-Eaton
Delano Las Vegas Delano Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Courtney Barton-Eaton"
Went to the spa at Bathhouse. Beautiful facilities and absolutely amazing massage. The spa attendants, howvwe, lacked any kind of customer service skills. We asked one girl to give us a 15 minute warning before our treatment time so we could shower off...Had I not gone to check my phone, we would have totally missed it. She never even poked her head in. Two of the girls stood there and chatted around several people trying to get ready and acted inconvenienced when you had to go around them. The showers had decent amenities but several were out of order. The robes were ridiculously hot and made of stretchy knit fabric that revealed too much and yet overheated you...Not a fan. But...Trisha gave one of the most effective massages I've had in a long time. It was paid full but I'm moving more freely than I have in mind that. I highly recommend her!