Adam Almasri
PT's Gold - East Silverado Ranch 1
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Adam Almasri"
Is probably one of the WORST local bar chains that I've ever encountered in Las Vegas, Nevada. The customer service is absolutely terrible, the bartenders underpour the liquor, & keep you waiting for a good 15 minutes on a drink refill. Oh and about those free drinks while gambling, yeah forget about it. It's a $20 minimum while playing max bet to get one free drink per half hour, and it can not be top shelf ANYTHING. Oh and for the worst part, apparently you are NOT allowed to ask people for cigarettes in this bar otherwise they will kick you out! I don't know what kind of bar operates this way, but I sure do know the family that owns the chain and they're all a bunch of snooty stuck up rich brats. I take my business elsewhere. Might I suggest going to T-Bird Lounge right down the street on Eastern, or Mulligans Border on Pebble. Much better drinks, prices, and a way way less bitchy staff. They'll get to know you by name, and Mulligans has some great bar food. Don't waste your time here at PTs or any PTs for that matter. Oh and expect to pay $10 for a well drink with half a shot of liquor and the rest is mixer and ice.