Chris Reke
Casino Plaza Casino Plaza
"Chris Reke"
There's a lot of categories in one building so I'll break them down. Hotel: Decently remodeled but very sporadic and not upkept well. I moved from a room with only hot water to a room that smelled like must. The elevators are terribly lack luster and service was hit and miss. Parking: Garage was terribly tight, always full of people not staying in the actual hotel, and the elevators only work for the garage part and are THE SLOWEST THING ON THE PLANET! and randomly open and close! Casino: Stinks both from smoke and the crappy stuff they spray in the air to try and neutralize the smoke.... Players club is a joke and drinks during play are basically non existent.... Only real plus was cheap rates (you get everything you pay for....) and location but that kills when trying to sleep at night with the loud noises from Fremont and the train that runs behind the hotel.