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St. Croix Casino Turtle Lake St. Croix Casino Turtle Lake
Turtle Lake, Wisconsin
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They threw me out for 6 months because i found a beat up old ticket in the parking area when going inside the casino. There is only a bar code on the tickets and signs all over the casino saying they are not responsible for lost or stolen tickets. Well this ticket was definitly lost and why should i be responsible. To hell with them, I did nothing wrong. Stay out of this place unless you want to get scalped. I called Dino the CEO and got his secretary 3 times who said they would look into it. We never got a response, and i live in Turtle Lake, take the grand kids there to eat, relitives that come from afar and stay in there hotel. We all now go down to Treasure Island or that one over in the cities.If they dont want me or any of my family members, fine. I even told CEO Dinos secratary what i did was probably not the right thing to do and maybe ban me for a week or a month, BUT 6 MONTHS! for what. They got caught taking aces out of the black jack decks years ago, but the Feds never closed down the casinp on them for any length of time. All they got was a warning, which would have been the right thing to do in my case. Pathetic to say the least.