Richard W. Best
Circus Circus Hotel Casino - Las Vegas Circus Circus Hotel Casino - Las Vegas
Las Vegas, Nevada
"Richard W. Best"
Fantastic service from the get go. Allen Cris (I'm hoping I spell this right, I was sick as a dog during check in) really made us feel at home, gave us an upgrade so that we didn't have to walk across the street with a man flu sick dad and a two year old who'd been in a car for 14 hours already. The staff were amazing and super friendly, the room was exceptionally clean, and I can't thank them enough. We are well rested and ready for another long day in the car. We chose Circus Circus for two reasons: We have a two year old who'd love the attractions, and that it was just as inexpensive as some of the smaller chain hotels. Why not have some fun on the trip? It was more than we could have asked for.