brianna mattila
Grand Portage Lodge & Casino
Grand Portage, Minnesota
"brianna mattila"
Earlier today my grandmother and I went to the Island View restaurant at Grand Portage, we both order half salads, mine was a Oriental chicken salad and my grandmother had the south west salad. They were both terrible, first her salad had no dressing on it. As soon as we dug into our salads we noticed that it was all very hard and it looked like the last bit of a head of ice burg lettuce was pulled apart a little and thrown on our plates. The pieces that were green were very soggy and dark. Neither of us ate our salads so I asked for a take out because I didn't want to just waste it so I thought I would try to pick at it at home, once I put my salad into the take out dish I noticed that the bottom was so full of dressing the whole bottom of the salad was mush. So I asked to speak to a manager to see if we could have the salads taken off our bill because they were inedible. After 10 minuets the manager comes out and we explain what happened. She didn't offer any type of apology or even a smile, she quickly said she was going to go talk to our server and left for another 10 minuets, once she came back she said "these are your two options, we can give you a small discount on your meal or replace it" since we had already been there for quite some time we didn't want another salad as we didn't have time. We also didn't want to pay for something we couldn't eat. So she left again to talk to the "kitchen supervisor" and returned about 5 minuets later telling us "so ether you can take the small discount or we can call security and you won't be allowed back in the restaurant or casino ever again" after that I started to get a little aggravated as she is now threatening us that we can pay for the food we were unable to eat due to the lack of freshness or we will be banned. She also told me "the reason our food was soggy was because once there's dressing on that tends to happen" she also told me the reason we have to pay is because " I asked for a take out container so obviously it couldn't have been that bad if I was going to take it home"I told her I would like to speak to another manager or anyone else that wouldn't be rude and unreasonable. She pointed at herself and smiled and said very obnoxiously "I am the manager". I then repeated that we will not pay for our food as it was gross and looked like it had been sitting there for hours. She then called security and I asked the guard if there was someone else I could speak to because I was tired of dealing with the "managers" terrible customer service skills and after about 20 minuets someone came to talk to me, the rude manager was standing there with her arms crossed smirking at me while I was talking to her superior as if I was the one in the wrong. Once the lady and I were don't speaking she went to speak with the restaurant manager and the manager yells through the door "you guys have a great day now" and laughed. A few moments later the nice lady came back and spoke with us and apologized and agreed that she handed the situation very terrible and they will not make us pay for something we could not eat, we were also informed that the rude manager had told the lady we ate "quite a bit of our meal" witch we only ate a few bites of before we lost our appetites, and that the rude manager doesn't have authority to tell people they will be banned and isn't actually the manager at all. Unfortunately I was unable to get the "managers" name but I'm sure if anyone has ever had the pleasure of dealing with her they'll know exactly who I am talking about.