H Rome
San Pablo Lytton Casino San Pablo Lytton Casino
San Pablo, California
"H Rome"
The games are fun but the staff is pushy and petty about a lot of things most real casinos would not bother you over. There is three individual staff that are the kind of people who stereo type and I have watched them stock , harass and argue with at least one person each time they are working. They are rude and don't know how they can get away with the things they do. They actually have really decent food in the restaurant. The only main bad thing about a visit there is DO NOT PUT DOWN YOUR CELL PHONE FOR ANY REASON AND LOOK AWAY. If you do it most likely will disappear. Even if you report it or someone a witness makes a report and you know the person whom walked away with it. You are out of luck. Majority of times only a staff member had been seen cleaning around the last known area of the phone and they do nothing. They say they will review the video in three days and they never actually do. They must profit from it. Its bad there about sooooo many mobile phones being stolen regularly. Other than that its a great place to play for hours.