Natalie Mason
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Calgary, Alberta
"Natalie Mason"
A week ago I lost my phone/it got stolen from the casino. It was a Sunday night and my fiancé and I were just going for a little bit of fun after a show at the Laugh Shop. Now I know a phone is just a phone but it still felt like a serious violation of my privacy. I asked security to help to even just look into the situation to see if they could tell what happened with the cameras. I was told basically that it wasn't worth their time and that the cameras didn't follow me so there's nothing they could have done to help. Now I'm not an idiot and I know how the system works on the backend. Plus there's signs all over the place saying that the entire area is under surveillance. So they should just call it what it is - they deemed my situation not important enough to look into. Which is fine, and yes it will have an impact on whether I return here or not. But god forbid anything more serious happens on your premises; I hope you will act more professionally and give the person that was victimized more of your time and consideration.